Track your blood pressure at the comfort of your home with Dr. Morepen BP-14 B.P. Monitor that is designed with multiple features. It helps users to understand and easily monitor their pulse rate and B.P. level. It comes with a 2 user interface for the ease of using this advanced B.P. tracker. Now get the indication if you have hypertension, irregular heart rate, and many more with this battery-operated upper arm B.P. monitor device.

Key Benefits

  • Indicates hypertension and irregular heartbeat.
  • Displays date and time and stores 240 memory readings.
  • Comes with 2 user interfaces that makes it convenient for use by two people.
  • Shows an average of three readings.

Directions for Use

  • Place the cuff on the arm and turn the power on to start.
  • The cuff will inflate and deflate automatically after you push the button.
  • Wait for some time and the results will be displayed on the screen.

Safety Information

  • Check the manual before using the product.
  • Don’t take any medical decisions without consulting a doctor.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.

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