From Diabetes to Diabet-easy with Arkray G+ Glucocard 25 test Strips! These Individually Packed Strips minimize exposure to humidity and increase the shelf life of the strips (up to printed expiry date), thus making diabetes self-testing at home easy.

Arkray G+ Glucocard 25 test Strips have minimum chances of contamination as each strip is opened only when required, ensuring accurate results.

Read the operating manual carefully before using the meter and strips.



PACK OF 25 STRIPS: This pack contains 25 individually packed test strips for the Arkray Glucocard G+ Blood Glucose Meter

PROVEN ACCURACY: Errors due to strip quality minimized in individual packs thus improving result accuracy

HUMIDITY PROTECTION: Each strip has minimum exposure to the environment protecting it from humidity, thus keeping its quality intact

SHELF LIFE: Can be used up to printed expiry date (max 18 months from date of manufacture) thus minimizing wastage (no open expiry)

EASY TO CARRY & SHARE: Convenience of carrying the required number of individually packed strips in comparison to bottle pack

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